What is Bootstrap Everything You Need to Know

As you might have seen, I haven’t written more than a few lines of CSS code. Bootstrap handles everything on its own with its predefined set of CSS and JS files. Firstly, there are three div elements that are contained inside a single row. Here, we’ve set the initial content-width to the width of the device and scaled it one time only. Bootstrap has a new website design which is itself built using the latest version of the Bootstrap framework (version 4 at the time of writing).

And finally, I’ve shown the basic structure to place a drop-down menu inside the navigation. A premium Bootstrap 5 admin template designed on top of the most comprehensive Bootstrap 5 framework. You can choose from 11 different dashboards that will help you find the best layout suitable for your concept of the web app or website. With Star Admin 2 Pro, you will benefit from detailed documentation https://deveducation.com/ files, ultra-adaptive and responsive pages, zeroJS, Gulp and Webpack build tools, and other scalable assets. As a framework, Bootstrap includes the basics for responsive web development, so developers only need to insert the code into a pre-defined grid system. The Bootstrap framework is built on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.

Using CSS variables

Another challenge with Bootstrap is its naming scheme, which can be perplexing. To effectively utilize Bootstrap, you’ll need to invest time upfront to learn its components and classes. First and foremost, Bootstrap assumes a basic knowledge of coding. If you’re completely new to coding, Bootstrap might feel like a maze with no clear path. Lastly, if you’re not keen on designing your website from scratch, Bootstrap offers a treasure trove of templates.

Each Bootstrap component consists of an HTML structure, CSS declarations, and in some cases accompanying JavaScript code. They also extend the functionality of some existing interface elements, including for example what is boostrap an auto-complete function for input fields. The new Bootstrap grid uses the strength of Flexbox to make things way less complex. The menu is responsive by default, and gets a new look in smaller devices.


The code .col-4, for example, would give you three columns of equal width. Column widths are always sized in percentages so that they can fluidly expand or shrink to remain proportionate with their parent element. Bootstrap is a web development powerhouse that caters to both newcomers and experienced programmers. Navbar-collapse is applied to make the menu touch-compatible and also to change its form for smaller devices. There’s also a form that’s classed form-inline so that it displays correctly inside the navigation bar.

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